Mummykind’s June Top 5!

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Top 5 Blog Posts

Sarah‘s post with tips on planning a Moana themed party is still top of this month’s roundup!

Up in second place is Maria‘s newest post all about how she is harvesting her colostrum at 35 weeks‘ pregnant, ready for baby number 2!

Our third best-performing post this month is Maria’s timeless tips on how to get your toddler through a cold – probably due to the high pollen count causing so much hayfever at the moment!

Next in fourth place is Amy‘s honest post about her fertility journey, a sequel to her post on having an ovary removed at 21 years old.

Last but not least, our fifth top post this month is a new one from Sarah about why she chose a common baby name for Olivia!

Top 5 Instagram Posts

Top 5 Things we did

  1. So, OBVIOUSLY, top of this list is our interview with the BBC! We are expecting to be live on TV this Wednesday (3 July) so keep your eye out on BBC South East for our lovely faces 🙂
  2. Sarah turned 24, and is very upset about it!
  3. Our facebook page reached 600 likes! If you haven’t yet liked our social media pages please check out the links on our contact us page and give us some love
  4. Maria’s little boy has been making really good progress with his swimming lessons! Well done little monkey, show that pool noodle how it’s done!
  5. Paige‘s little girl has mastered 35 words and signs in makaton, and she’s only 17 months old!

Top 5 Photos this month

Our new logo for our brand new feature which will be going live next Wednesday! Get in touch if you have any nominations
Behind the scenes pictures of 3 of the beautiful Mummykind girlies from our day filming with the BBC!
Florence and Imogen having a great time on the see-saw at our mummies meet up!
Charlie absolutely glowing at 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (and somehow negotiating 2 swings at once?! She’s already a pro!)
Little Oliver in his summer outfit making the most of the sunshine and playtime!

Top 5 Other Blogposts we LOVED

  1. The Little Giggles – Beginners Guide to Cloth Diapering
  2. It’s a Tink Thing – Painting with Paw Patrol
  3. This is Where it is at – How to Enjoy the Sun Safely
  4. Kate on Thin Ice – Supporting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes
  5. AutisMum – An Introduction (this is a new blog which we are very excited to see content from in the future!)

What’s been happening for you this month? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Sarah

I am well on my way to becoming a barrister, and hope that one day my little munchkin will follow in my footsteps! I'm also a wife to a Grenadier Guard dealing with army life, and I write letters to Olivia as well as writing for the amazing blog we run over at

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