Burnout in the Blog

Some of our regular followers will have noticed that we haven’t posted in a long while. Even with a big writing team we found that last winter was too hard on us to carry on with the blog for a while for a few reasons that we will share as and when we feel we can. Unlikely as it seems, our whole team hit a burnout around the same time!

Our health, both physical and mental, is a priority and as individuals we were all facing one thing or another that was consuming all of our time or energy or general capacity to exist. We had planned to be back in April, after a refreshing break. We spent a long time discussing whether we wanted to keep the blog going and if we did then what direction did we want to take it in? Well, we never came to a definitive answer before we were thrown head first into lockdown and home schooling.

Mummykind will be sticking around, maybe there will be some rebranding down the line and the team might be a little lighter for a while but for now Mummykind will stay just the way you know it. It’s going to be very important for us to take it one step at a time and ease back into writing, so our upload schedule will be a little slower than it was until we build back up to more regular posts.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around and to all of our new visitors – website traffic has been phenomenal even without any new content in nine months! We are looking forward to writing for you again.

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