Taking a toddler to SeaLife

Hi all!

Sometimes it’s nice to share photos of things we’ve been up to recently, and Olivia and I have been up to all sorts of antics this week!

Yesterday we had a very busy but amazing day, and I’m really starting to feel like I’m on top of the world now and actually in control. We’ve gotten into a lovely routine together, and although we both miss Jamie very much, we’re managing okay while he’s serving abroad.

So, what did we get up to yesterday?

We took a day trip to the SeaLife Aquarium in London! We managed a (mostly) successful train journey with only one tantrum – I call that a success – and for the majority of the time walking around the aquarium, Olivia was so happy and excited! There were a few screaming fits on the floor, but minimal and I could tell that she was getting quite tired.

I cannot even describe how amazed she was by the whole aquarium, but this photo does it some justice:

Seeing her so happy made the whole day worthwhile, and, of course, by the end of walking all around the aquarium she was so exhausted that I managed a hassle-free trip to uni to collect my White Book! I may have also enrolled her on the BPTC while I was there… She was asleep after all, so she couldn’t stop me!
The only stressful part of the day was attempting to keep hold of Olivia at the same time as pushing an empty buggy around! SeaLife doesn’t have a buggy park (which I was unaware of), and that meant it was a tad tricky trying to lug around a buggy, a bag and a baby all by myself! We will definitely have to go again when Jamie gets back from Afghanistan with the whole family!

Have you been to SeaLife? What have you been up to this weekend? We’d love to know so leave us a comment or submit your pics to us via email and we will share them on our instagram page!

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Trying SimplyCook

Before I start, I should probably say, this isn’t sponsored by SimplyCook. I’m just a mumma who loves food and discounted/free thigs!

As the main cook in my household, I hate dinner time, because I try and make something new but always end up going back to the same old meals we usually have, which is what drew me to SimplyCook. As a lot of ‘post box’ brands do, SimplyCook had a ‘first box for £3’ offer going and I’m never one to turn down discounted things so I got one and eagerly awaited the post for my box.

In your box you get 4 mini boxes containing herbs, spices etc. Everything you’’ll need to add to your food to make it taste amazing.

Meal 1- Santa Fe Chicken Salad

Included in the box – 
Cilantro Salsa Blend
Grilled Pepper Mix
Ancho Chilli Rub

Ingredients to buy
Red Onion
Bag of Salad

The Verdict.
I’m a little bit on the fence with this one. The chicken had such an intense, moreish flavour to it and really brought the salad to life and the same with peppers but unfortunately the same can’t be said about the Cilantro Salsa Blend. It had a very intense lemon flavour that was hard to swallow and just didn’t go well with the chicken. It was the only thing left on our plates at the end of the meal, which was a shame because I LOVE salsa so was looking forward to trying it on a salad. It just didn’t match the great tastes of the chicken. At  approximately 410 Calories per serving, which isn’t bad, I just don’t think its worth trying again just because of that.

Overall I’d give this meal a 6/10, sadly let down by the Cilantro Salsa Blend. My partner sadly gave it a 4, again let down by the Cilantro Salsa Blend.

Meal 2 – Hungarian Goulash Soup

Included in the box
Sweet Paprika
Goulash Spice Blend
Beef Stock

Ingredients to buy
Pork Sausages
Red and Green Peppers
Tomato Puree

The Verdict.
This meal was delicious! It was warming, comforting and just everything you want for a cold, miserable day. I will say, I chose to have it with crusty bread rather than the 2nd option of mashed potatoes, but I wish I had gone for the potatoes as it is more of a casserole consistency and would have made the meal even better. I can’t fault this meal at all, it wasn’t perfect but it was very very yummy! It is approximately 500 Calories per serving which is amazing from something so hearty!

Overall I’d give this meal an 8/10, simply because it was more of a casserole than a soup but still tasted amazing!

Meal 3 – Shakshouka

Included in the box
Cumin & Caraway Mix
Spricy Tomato Paste
Shakshouka Spices

Ingredients to buy
Red and Yellow Peppers

The Verdict.
WOW. We had this for brunch after date night and it may not look like much but it was amazing. It was such a welcomed change to our breakfast routine and it was just perfect. The spices and flavours in this meal just blended so perfectly together with the eggs and it really got me and my partner excited to try it again. At only 375 Calories per serving, it would be rude not have it again! Definitely the best meal from these boxes so far!

Overall I’d give this meal a 10/10. It was such a lovely change from our usual breakfast choices and we are already planning on having it again!

Meal 4 – BBQ Tandoori Chicken

Included in the box
Smoked Chilli Blend
Sweet Potato Seasoning
Tandoori Paste

Ingredients to buy
Chicken Thighs
Natural Yogurt
A Lemon
Sweet Potatoes
A Bag of Salad

The Verdict.
This meal was pretty good, not too spicy but not lacking in flavour also. Even my daughter tried it, which at the moment is saying something because she is ill and really fussy. The meal made me and my partner nicely full and kept us full for a longer period of time (although, I did have room for a sneaky piece of banana cake whilst I wrote this… oops!) This one is a nice altenative to buying food from a takeaway and a lot healthier at approximately only 500 Calories per serving!

Overall, I’d give this meal an 8/10. It was a lovely meal and I will definitely try it again, it just can’t have a 10 because it was nowhere near as good as the Shakshouka.

So! Would I buy this again…?
Absolutely! Not only did it help with the buying side of things, it also gave me more ideas for dinner time. We would never have tried most of the things in this box but we do definitely be eating them again. (Especially the Shakshouka!)

I would absolutely recommend SimplyCook to anyone who is stuck for dinner ideas, wanting to try something new or anyone who just loves amazing food!

ENDED: Appy Kids review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello all!

As you can tell from the title of this post, mummykind is hosting its first GIVEAWAY COMPETITION! Scroll down for details of how to enter…

Please, do try to contain your excitement!!!

These are the products:

Organic, fruit juice cartons, adorned with cute characters of Roald Dahl children’s books on the boxes as a new addition. They also come in Dora, Ninja Turtles, Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol characters!

Even though my little one is too little yet to know and love Roald Dahl, in time she will do, and it is so refreshing to have products like these marketed at children with literary characters on the front! I’m all for encouraging kids to take an interest in reading, and if these end up being her favourite characters it’s great that these organic drinks are available with them on the box! The drinks contain absolutely no GMOs, gluten, added sugars or preservatives, making them a great and tasty choice for kids’ drinks.

We’ve had three flavours to try – apple, mixed berries, and orange. I won’t lie, I have had little sips when I’ve been giving them to the munchkin, and they taste AMAZING! No wonder she drains the carton in no time at all! They’ve been a huge hit. Her favourite was the mixed berries (but out of the sips I had, I liked the apple the most). They’ve not only been a hit with the little one, but with the big one (8 years old) too! They’re the perfect little fridge-filling drink for kids of all ages, especially with such a range of characters!

They’ve also been incredibly handy little cartons to take out and about with us! They make meal times easier too, and funnily enough we had absolutely no accidents with squeezing the box too hard!

So… Here are the products you could WIN:

How to enter:

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  • This isn’t a must, but if you share on social media you will get extra entries (up to a maximum of 3!) – just make sure you tag us in the post on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram
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Celebrity style walk-in wardrobes only for you!

As parents, we all know that finding enough storage space can be such a hassle! That’s why Alanah from Bravo London has written this guest post to share some space-saving ideas, not only making life as a parent easier but allowing you to live in luxury!
Celebrity style walk-in wardrobes only for you!
The life of celebrities often fascinates most of us. Their lifestyle, their collections are always looked upon as premium and rich. Do you dream of having a royal quality of walk-in wardrobe for yourself? Just imagine a closet that is only occupied by your numerous pair of shoes, bags, trendy dresses and so on! Does this sound interesting to you? Then let us help you live this dream of yours. We here at Bravo London have the most innovative and ingenious ideas that would transform your small space into a spacious walk-in wardrobe exclusively for you.
Sliding wardrobe doors are always space savers for you. Your rooms look more spacious and at the same time give a premium storage option. Bravo London helps you with the best style of sliding wardrobe doors like glass doors, metal doors, wooden doors, etc to make your interiors look more stylish and premium.
We offer the best and a very affordable range of walk-in wardrobes. Well, organising such wardrobes is also a great task. Below are a few of the points that would help you with the additional sections that you would not want to miss on while opting for a walk-in wardrobe with sliding wardrobe doors. 
Your flattering bag collection:
Now it’s time to gather all your flirty and fine lined bags in one place and store them in a very well organised manner in your walk-in door wardrobe. Slide through the doors and flaunt with style among your friends and envy them with a separate handbag section to showcase your amazing collections. The sliding door wardrobes are the best to have in the walk-in wardrobes.
Seating for comfort:
If you are getting ready for a party, a walk-in wardrobe is the best place where you can get ready at once, no hassle of searching for things here and there; you have your dresses, your makeup, your handbag and your shoes all in one place. At this point a seat or a comfortable table is very important to help you to be seated while you are trying to look your best for the party. 
Place for your stunning shoes:
Now you don’t have to worry about placing your favourite shoes under the storage closet away from everyone’s sight. Just show off your stylish collections by getting an extra, manageable space for all of your shoes in one place, making them visible to everyone.
Dazzling jewellery section:
Add to the beauty of your wardrobe by opting for a sliding glass door jewellery section. This part of your wardrobe would make your jewellery collection dazzle, a perfect treat to eyes.
Island Units:
If you have a little more space in your walk-in wardrobe, then opting for a perfect island unit would cut off the empty space and let you have more storage options. You can arrange other collectables like hats, scarves, belts, etc. in this unit and keep your wardrobe mess free.
Make your collections look more organised and wow your friends and family with the stylish walk-in wardrobe options available with Bravo London.

Check out Bravo London’s Facebook page or website (above) to speak to a design specialist today!

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