Wonderful Women: Being a Single Mompreneur

This weeks Wonderful Women Wednesday is with Claire Middleton, a single mum of three who runs a popular salon based in Hythe which recently won two bronze awards at The Kent Health and Beauty Awards 2019

Claire was nominated for this feature because she makes being a business owner and a single mum of three look easy, no matter what challenges she faces Claire powers through them and is a true inspiration to others.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Claire I’m 42, single mum of 3. 2 of my children are autistic, 1 child has severe anxiety . I Have lived on the marsh all my life.

2. What challenges did you face when you became a single mum?

The challenges I faced were pretty much the same as any other day as I was always the supporting parent apart from the mental health effect that it had on my children as well as myself.

3. What did you do prior to running your own buisness?

Prior to running my business I had completed a course in beauty as I wanted to further my career also hair extensions. I love cooking so I completed my NVQ level 2 in catering too before taking the leap into opening my own shop.

4. What inspired you to run your own business?

I woke up one morning and thought to myself it’s what I want. I wanted to make my children proud of me and decided to take the leap to help with my anxiety and confidence.

5. How would you describe your journey to where you are now?

The journey had had it rocky roads not only in business but health issues too. When you’re self employed it gives you more incentive to get up and go to work rather than having a day off sick because if you don’t work there is no income.

6. What is the best part of your job?

Every part of my job is the best part. I deal with the best clients in a lovely environment and happy work staff means a happy salon

7. How do you balance being a mother and running your own buisness?

There are times it’s very hard balancing being a mum and working full time but you work around it and make it work to the best of your ability. I’m lucky my children are that much older and they are able to stay at home on their own.

8. Your salon recently won TWO bronze awards at the Kent health and beauty awards, could you tell us more about that experience?

I am very proud to be nominated for the awards and even achieving a bronze award in Kent is more than I would ever of dreamed of.

9. What advice would you give to new mums?

New mums be proud of yourself, make sure your child is your number one and never let anyone say you can’t do it . There is no such word as CANT

10. Is there anybody else you’d like to nominate for our wonderful women feature? Anyone who inspires you?

I think I will pass on that one I’m enough 😉

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