What to do when mummy is poorly!

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So this week has been a bit crappy for me health wise!

I’m usually physically fit and well, however last weekend whilst driving home from Hull I noticed a lot of irritation in my left eye and a day later went to the GP looking like an alien because my eye was so bloodshot!

Obviously it was an infection, so I was prescribed some antibiotic eye drops to help clear it all up.

HOWEVER… It didn’t end there!

After spending an entire working week meeting clients looking like I was on some form of drugs because my eyes were so bloodshot, it finally cleared up on Friday. On Saturday, MY OTHER EYE STARTED PLAYING UP!!!

This time, a suspected allergic reaction/bug bite which resulted in the skin around my eye swelling up so much that I couldn’t open it and had to wear sunglasses out of my house to save all of the innocent people of the world from having the poor luck to see my horrendous face for the entire bank holiday weekend.

It was so painful, itchy and gross.

Of course, this all happened when we were expecting guests for the bank holiday weekend. My husband brought me a cup of tea and some toast in bed before they arrived, and my daughter came bounding up the stairs telling me I have to stay in bed until my eye is all better and that she was “tidying up my home”.

A couple of anti-histamines and A LOT MORE EYE DROPS later, my eye is looking much better, but still a bit scary due to a burst blood vessel.

So, now that I’ve made a recovery, here are my tongue-in-cheek top tips for partners to abide by when “mummy” is poorly!

What you SHOULD do:

  1. Bring mummy breakfast in bed, and lots of cups of tea throughout the day.
  2. Tidy the house – get the kids involved too, make it a full on child labour operation to get that house sparkling clean so that, when mummy can open her eyes, she is not blinded by how messy it looks!
  3. Remind mummy when to take her medicine, better still, bring it to mummy with a drink as promptly as possible.
  4. Keep the little people away from mummy while she rests, unless they are coming to mummy for cuddles. A serious screening process needs to be implemented that only allows genuine cuddles through the bedroom door.
  5. Allow mummy plenty of bed rest, with foot rubs if possible.

What you should NOT do:

  1. Do not make fun of mummy in any way, shape or form. She admits she looks like shit, but she does not need you to remind her of that.
  2. Do not try to get mummy out of bed before she is ready, you will be met with a very grumpy mummy!
  3. Do not expect anything in return for all of the good deeds you did in the above list!
  4. Do not forget that mummy exists (because she’s been in bed for so long), leave her and find another mummy – that’s not cool.
  5. Do not allow mummy to lift finger, unless it’s on the remote control! Mummy has full control of that now!

Is there anything you would add to either list? Let us know in the comments!

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International Women’s Day 2018: Why didn’t girls vote in the first place?

A bit about me

I am Kiera, I’m 8 years old, and I’m a girl. I  have a mum, a stepmum, and a naughty little sister. Girls are everywhere in the world, and we are beautiful, nice, we are smart at grammar and good at lots of other things.

What I know about the Suffragettes

Before suffragettes, women couldn’t vote for the prime minister, so a group of girls made a club to try to change things. A girl called Emily Davison walked onto a race course, and was killed by the kings horse when she tried to pin a suffragette banner on him. Because she died people began to take her seriously. Can you imagine having to die to be taken seriously?!

After that, women were allowed to vote but only if they were 30 and owned a house. That means that my mum and stepmum wouldn’t be able to vote if they wanted to! Now, they can vote, because everybody can vote when they’re 18

This is Emily Davison, she died before I was born

What I want to say to little girls everywhere

I think that you should:

  • be good
  • help each other
  • go to school and learn
  • treat each other nicely
  • be brave like Emily Davison
  • never give up, keep on working

What I want to be when I’m older

I want to be a doctor because I want to help people and girls can be anything they want

This will be me when I’m older

Important things for girls to do in their lives

  • have a job
  • have a house 
  • go to university
  • don’t break the law
  • stick up for yourself and go boxing like I do
  • treat yourself
  • get kids
  • go somewhere new
  • don’t be a bully
  • be independent 
  • work hard
  • do what you want to do!!!
This is me in Barcelona – I hope you go there! It’s hot there so put on your hat
I hope you like this blog post!
Love from
(remember, I’m 8 years old – this might not be good to you)