New Bath Time Play Products from Zimpli Kids!

A short while ago we had the opportunity to trial the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff products from Zimpli Kids… Click the thumbnail below to read which was our FAVOURITE!

We’ve now been asked to review some new bath time play products from Zimpli Kids, and have been sent the Unicorn Slime Play, and Glitter Gelli Baff! I absolutely could not wait to try these out. I knew for a fact Olivia would love both of them – though she probably would be slightly biased towards the unicorns…

So, can you guess which was the FIRST one we tried?

Of course, the unicorn slime play!

I was interested to see Olivia’s reaction to this one, as she had definitely been more keen on the Gelli Baff last time. But she absolutely loved this!

I learned from my previous mistakes and DID NOT put this in the bath, instead doing it on a smaller scale messy play sort of level. This allowed the slime to thicken up a lot more and she had some super slime unicorns to play with (every child’s dream, right?)

So, we started off with Olivia reading me the instructions on how to get the Slime Play mixed to optimal consistency.

We sprinkled half of the mixture into this washing up bowl filled with luke warm water. Olivia then got the wooden stirrer out to mix it up!


She then very tentatively took over to mixing it up with her hands! This was her reaction when she first touched the slime:

She then got stuck straight in with the unicorns, and of course managed to play with the slime a lot longer than if she had been in the bath! We even invited Kiera (aged 9) and her friend (aged 8) to come and join in, but they weren’t so keen on the slimey texture! Their reactions did give us a good laugh though.

Again this was super easy to get rid of as I simply ran hot water to thin the mixture out, and it simply poured away! No fuss at all. This time Olivia was wearing normal clothes (as opposed to her swimming costume like she had on last time), and yes, they got very slimey! But it all came out in the wash with no problems at all.

All in all I would give this a 10 out of 10 – she had fun playing with the slime for the best part of an hour, and it works really well as a messy play activity as well as just at bath time! Olivia loved it and she got the unicorn toys as an added bonus, making the Unicorn Slime Play one of her new favourite things to play with!

So! Moving onto the Glitter Gelli Baff…

We of course retained the unicorns from the slime play and they were
thoroughly de-slimed, then deployed again in our Glitter Gelli Baff! This time we used the bath, as the Gelli Baff dissolves instantly and is so easy to clean out of the bath, making it mess and hassle-free – a HUGE WIN for any parent!

Check out Mr Unicorn Duck chilling his beans in amongst the Glitter:

Olivia joined in mixing the bath and jumped straight in! The Gelli forms quite quickly, so she had lots of fun picking it up in her hands.

Olivia was excited by the sparkly Gelli as she was mixing it and played in it for a little while.

Unfortunately this Gelli Baff didn’t seem to solidify quite as much as the last time we used it, and I don’t think we had vastly different volumes of water in the bath! Also, once it started forming, the Glitter all sank to the bottom and it was pretty indiscernible from the normal pink Gelli Baff which we had tried before, which was a bit of a shame.

Still very easy to clean, we sprinkled the dissolving powder and rinsed the bath. All Gelli had disappeared from the bath within less than 2 minutes!

Overall, I’d give this one a 6 out of 10.

The product is great, but the Glitter is the main aspect of this particular Gelli Baff and unfortunately there just wasn’t ENOUGH Glitter, as you could no longer see any as soon as the Gelli had formed.

Have you tried either of these products from Zimpli Kids? Which was your favourite?

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Where can I get "good quality slime?

To any mum or dad, you probably don’t think there’s a difference in qualities of slime – they all make the same mess and require the same effort to clean up! But actually, Slime Baff and Gelli Baff are not only great quality slime, but they’re so easy to clean up (given that all the mess is made in the bathtub!)

A friend of mine at work recently made me laugh with the words of her 9 year old niece…

“Georgia,” she said. “For Christmas, I want good quality slime.”
To any mum or dad, you probably don’t think there’s a difference in qualities of slime – they all make the same mess and require the same effort to clean up! But actually, Slime Baff and Gelli Baff are not only great quality slime, but they’re so easy to clean up (given that all the mess is made in the bathtub!)

We’ve been asked to review the Slime and Gelli Baff products from Zimpli Kids and these are the products we have been sent…

2 lots of Slime Baff and 2 lots of Gelli Baff in some amazingly bright colours!

Olivia was so excited to see these and get stuck in – her favourite activities at playgroup are always messy play so that was no surprise!

I’ve heard of Gelli Baff before and have seen it
advertised a lot, however the Slime Baff is completely new to me, so I was excited to give them both a try out!


We tried this one out first, in the gooey red colour! These are so easy to use – you run a shallow-ish bath (no more than 3 inches deep) and simply spread the packet in the water.

Due to me being an utter idiot, I managed to split the packet and lose some of the salts on the bathroom floor, but considering I did that, we still had a fairly slimy bath for Olivia to climb into!

She helped to mix the salts in the water and loved the slimy texture! She couldn’t wait to jump in.

Despite me telling her not to rub her eyes with the slime, of course, being a 2 year old, she did exactly that, but actually didn’t whinge at all about it stinging, which I was happily surprised about. I wouldn’t recommend dunking your child’s face in the slime, but at least you know that if they do get some in their eyes it’s not going to hurt!

The next big task was cleaning the slime away, and this was incredibly easy! The bath was left totally clean without me needing to wipe it down or even turn on the shower to rinse the bath out. For the Slime Baff, you don’t even need to put in anything to dissolve the slime, it simply dilutes when you add water.

So what’s the verdict?

We are rating a 9/10 for this product. Olivia loved it, the only issue was me not being able to get the packet open and losing some of the salts, but overall this was a fantastic thing to try and a great way to make bath time loads more fun!



For this one we ran slightly less water as I planned to only use half of the salts and save the rest for a messy play tray, but in the end we had to use the whole packet as the Gelli Baff took much longer to form than the slime did.

At first, when we mixed the salts into the bath water, Olivia wasn’t too sure of the texture and seemed not to like it, but she did prefer the bright pink colour as opposed to the red slime!

After a couple of minutes she was really enjoying it! I had to take a picture with flash on to get a good photo of the colour – it was so bright pink so no wonder Olivia loved it! She enjoyed

scooping it up with her cup and throwing it over her toy duck, and then in turn liked me and Daddy putting it on her back and shoulders and throwing it at her. Safe to say, it got a bit messy!

As I said, the Gelli Baff took a while to form (I would say about 20 minutes in total) but once it formed Olivia really loved it.

With cleaning away the Gelli Baff, we had to use the white dissolving salts. Once we put the salts in and mixed them with the Gelli Baff, it turned back to liquid pretty much instantly.

The only downside was that once it had gone down the plughole, the bath was left a bright pink colour!

I tried to rinse the pink away with the shower head but had to use our normal Flash spray bleach and wash it away before we could pop Olivia back in to wash the gelli off of her!

All in all, I think we would rate this one as a 7/10. Even though Olivia loved this one and said the pink bath was her favourite, for mums and dads this one is just slightly less easy to clean away than the other one. We had to take Olivia out of the bath to clean it out, meaning we ended up getting bits of gelli on the bath mat and towel! It’s no big drama, and I would use this again, but on the smaller messy play tray scale rather than in the bath!

Both of these products from Zimpli Kids were great fun! Overall, the Slime Baff won for us, but I’d definitely buy both of these in the future.

Thank you for reading and let us know if you’ve got these for your little ones!

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