Mummykind’s July Top 5

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Wow, just typing July feels weird! And now we’re at the end of it and swinging straight into AUGUST!!! Here’s what we’ve been up to this month…

Top 5 Blog Posts

Top 5 Instagram Posts

Top 5 Things we did

  1. We launched our Wonderful Women Wednesday feature!
  2. Our interview with the BBC aired! You can check it out on BBC South East’s facebook/ twitter pages here
  3. Sarah and family have made the decision to adopt a cat! Stay tuned for awesome furry photos (@Sarah_mummykind on instagram!)
  4. Maria became officially MORE PREGNANT THAN SHE HAS EVER BEEN BEFORE! Due date is very soon and we are all so excited to welcome her little baby girl into the world!
  5. We passed 300 followers on instagram! And since then it’s kept climbing… We are so excited and want to thank everyone. If you don’t follow us already, you can find our instagram account here!

Top 5 Other Blogposts we LOVED

  1. Imagine Forest – Look for inspiration in your kids’ creative writing
  2. Isablog UK – 8 months and we’re still not pregnant
  3. Young Mummy Survival Guide – Weaning Preparation
  4. Kate on Thin Ice – Tackling the Isolation of Infertility
  5. One Frazzled Mum – I Have Fibromyalgia

What have you been up to this month?

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Top Tips to Keep your Kids Cool in Summer…

How to keep your children cool and safe from the sun in the summer heat!


Thankfully, it seems the worst of it is over (for now) but the sunshine is going to continue throughout the week:

So I thought I would share some of the helpful techniques that have been keeping us cool over this weekend!

Paddling Pools

Is there actually anything better than a paddling pool in the middle of summer?

As you can see, we improvised with a DIY water slide too (and got involved ourselves to make sure we had a cool off!)

Stay Indoors

Not all day, that would be no fun! But between 11am and 2pm we tried to stay indoors as much as possible, with the fan going on full blast!

Between 11am and 2pm is when the sun is at its hottest, and there is very little shade outside to hide in. Staying indoors for a couple of hours can help to keep you cool and you can still enjoy the sunshine later in the afternoon when it’s a bit less intense!

Hydrate Yourself

Get yourself some reusable ice cubes and have them ready for a day like today! Big refrigerated water jugs are also a necessity.

Don’t forget to keep yourselves hydrated!

Apply Suncream Regularly

Choose a suncream with both a high SPF Factor AND a high UVA rating. Check out Superdrug’s quick guide if you need any help picking the right suncream for you!

A lot of the time, the supermarket own brands of suncream have higher UVA ratings so can protect you from the sun better than your big branded lotions!

#MumHack: Did you know that the SPF factor on suncream equates roughly to how long you can go before you need to re-apply it? So if you have Factor 50, re-apply every 50 minutes to an hour (or probably more regularly if you are in the pool as it’s going to wash off almost instantly!)

Get a Gazebo

You can pick these up almost anywhere now, and if you’re cursed blessed with a south-facing garden with very little shade, you may find one of these an absolute lifesaver!

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This one is available from Argos at a discounted price at the moment!

Close the Curtains

Closing your curtains helps keep it nice and cool indoors, as the sun isn’t beaming through the windows. It can be a bit depressing to have all of your curtains closed in the middle of the day, so we just stick to keeping our upstairs curtains closed to help it stay nice and cool when it’s bedtime!

That’s it!

Is there anything else you’ve tried to keep yourselves cool?

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Mummykind’s June Top 5!

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Top 5 Blog Posts

Sarah‘s post with tips on planning a Moana themed party is still top of this month’s roundup!

Up in second place is Maria‘s newest post all about how she is harvesting her colostrum at 35 weeks‘ pregnant, ready for baby number 2!

Our third best-performing post this month is Maria’s timeless tips on how to get your toddler through a cold – probably due to the high pollen count causing so much hayfever at the moment!

Next in fourth place is Amy‘s honest post about her fertility journey, a sequel to her post on having an ovary removed at 21 years old.

Last but not least, our fifth top post this month is a new one from Sarah about why she chose a common baby name for Olivia!

Top 5 Instagram Posts

Top 5 Things we did

  1. So, OBVIOUSLY, top of this list is our interview with the BBC! We are expecting to be live on TV this Wednesday (3 July) so keep your eye out on BBC South East for our lovely faces 🙂
  2. Sarah turned 24, and is very upset about it!
  3. Our facebook page reached 600 likes! If you haven’t yet liked our social media pages please check out the links on our contact us page and give us some love
  4. Maria’s little boy has been making really good progress with his swimming lessons! Well done little monkey, show that pool noodle how it’s done!
  5. Paige‘s little girl has mastered 35 words and signs in makaton, and she’s only 17 months old!

Top 5 Photos this month

Our new logo for our brand new feature which will be going live next Wednesday! Get in touch if you have any nominations
Behind the scenes pictures of 3 of the beautiful Mummykind girlies from our day filming with the BBC!
Florence and Imogen having a great time on the see-saw at our mummies meet up!
Charlie absolutely glowing at 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (and somehow negotiating 2 swings at once?! She’s already a pro!)
Little Oliver in his summer outfit making the most of the sunshine and playtime!

Top 5 Other Blogposts we LOVED

  1. The Little Giggles – Beginners Guide to Cloth Diapering
  2. It’s a Tink Thing – Painting with Paw Patrol
  3. This is Where it is at – How to Enjoy the Sun Safely
  4. Kate on Thin Ice – Supporting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes
  5. AutisMum – An Introduction (this is a new blog which we are very excited to see content from in the future!)

What’s been happening for you this month? Let us know in the comments!

5 reasons why we should all be walking with our kids! of my favourite things about my day, every day, is my morning walk with my daughter to drop her off with the childminder. She’s not even 2 yet, and this morning walk is already a part of our everyday routine… Why? Well, for starters, I can’t drive, and secondly, even if I could, it brings me so much joy walking with her. Of course, there are the odd stressful moments of characteristic toddler defiance, but more often than not we are both enjoying ourselves!

So here is a little list of reasons why, in my opinion, we should all be walking with our kids as much as possible – whether that’s walking them to school or to the local park, and no matter how old they are, the benefits are just incredible!

1. Children adore the world around them

Olivia is full of awe at everything – she’s at that age where she is curious about everything that she sees, and where she is beginning to ask me questions such as “What’s that?”

Walking outdoors with her gives her so much more exposure to things that she is naturally curious about! The last two days when we’ve walked through town it’s been a constant interrogation of her asking me what things are, but she’s learning, and she’s having fun doing it!

2. Children have sooooo much energy!

Seriously, Olivia runs faster than me. But again, the whole idea of her being outside makes her WANT to burn off that excitement and energy. What better way to start her childhood than doing exercise and enjoying it? God knows that probably won’t last if you stop encouraging your kids to go outside!

3. Dirt isn’t dirty

Bit contradictory this one, but being outside in the mud on a rainy day is ridiculously good for our kids. It builds their immune systems up immensely, allowing their bodies to fight off bad bacteria on its own. And you know what? WHO CARES if they get dirty? What are baths for? 

Olivia always comes back from her childminder caked in something, and it’s a sign that she’s had fun! You can always find her in the garden playing, and as much as I will be regretting putting her in a white cardigan/top while she’s rolling around in the grass, that’s more fool me, and to her, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, so why tell her that she shouldn’t be “getting dirty”?

4. You’ll benefit too

Walking is a form of exercise, and particularly if you go on a nice, ample nature walk with the kids, you’re going to burn a lot of calories! But even putting the physical benefits aside, you’re going to benefit mentally. Getting fresh air and exercise releases endorphins, and, of course, you will love the bonding experience of walking with your children, creating memories with them that will last forever.

5. You just might get a bit more of a childhood out of your little one

Too often now parents are quick to stick the kids in front of the TV for 5 minutes of peace… Trust me, if mine would sit still long enough I’d do it too! Screen time is normal for kids now, but to me it feels like it’s one thing that stops them from being children. Playing outdoors is such a normal part of childhood, and I would hate for that to end too soon for Olivia. Making a nice walk (or run, in her case as she runs everywhere!) part of a daily routine will hopefully give children that extra push to love being outdoors in spite of the attraction of the xbox or PS4. Then, in years to come, your kids will be instilling the same childhood loves in their kids, and so on! 

Times and technology may have changed, but the way we help our children to enjoy their incredibly short childhoods doesn’t have to!

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#MySundayPhoto 13/05/18


Hi everyone!

As you know from our post last Sunday, this week we have decided to ask our readers to submit their own photos from the bank holiday weekend! We had a load of lovely entries on our Facebook page, and it was pretty tough to choose just one photo to be our #MySundayPhoto this weekend!


We have chosen this one by Emma!

This picture is adorable for many reasons, but personally I love the very serious expression on the little man’s face and the fun being had with everyone else in the picture! This shows that digging up sand and building sand castles are very serious business indeed!
Thank you Emma, great photo and it looks like you had a fab time at the beach!