The Top 7 Tag 2019

The Top 7 Tag 2019

Thank you to Vicky at Miss Tilly and Me for tagging us in the top 7 post. You can read her post here, if you like and also find links to other bloggers.  The top 7 tag is all about sharing my favourite 7 blog posts from last year, 7 things that we loved from last year and 7 things that we are looking forward to in 2019. Then at the end of the post, I will tag other bloggers who will then write about their ‘top 7’.

Our Top Blog Posts
  1. 7 Actual Important Things Pregnant Women Need to Know
  2. Group B Strep Aware
  3. Leah’s birth story and postpartum update
  4. Getting your toddler through a cold
  5. Best Moana Party Ideas on Pinterest
  6. Daddykind Corner: Being a dad with PTSD
  7. Get your parenting sh*t together
7 Things I Love About Last Year
  1. I completed my Bar Professional Training Course and was called to the Bar!
  2. The blog hit 500,000 page views!
  3. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary (even if the husband was still in Afghanistan!)
  4. We had an incredible Christmas at Disneyland Paris
  5. Jamie came back safely from Afghanistan, despite having to stay out there twice as long as he was supposed to…
  6. Olivia and I had 7 whole months together just the two of us, and, although it was testing at times, it was a really wonderful time for us to bond together 🙂
7 Things To Look Forward To This Year
  1. A wedding anniversary with my husband actually in the country!
  2. Fulfilling all of the dates in the “date diary” I gave my husband for our first anniversary.
  3. Going to see Bon Jovi and Backstreet Boys live in the same week!
  4. Bringing new content and potentially new members to the blog… Watch this space 😉
  5. I started a new job this year which is a great move for our family
  6. Potentially moving house to fit in with the new job!
  7. I’ll have a little niece or nephew (they are finding out on Saturday!) arriving this year

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